Timo is a Laplander but currently lives in Southern Finland in the city of Hämeenlinna with his wife Päivi and their dog Mosku. His work is very closely connected to nature, as he manages museums and exhibitions for National Parks and Wildlife Service Finland.

Timo spends time in nature every day to relax as well as get inspiration and energy. He believes that nature is pure and simply accepts you as you are.

Timo will take his guests to Punkaharju to experience the Saimaa Lakeland by boat. This area is full of islands with smooth beaches and crystal clear waters. In Timo’s words, it is an undiscovered treasure that is best experienced with someone who knows the region. You will be staying at Timo’s boat, which can accommodate five people comfortably.

This host can accommodate 4 people.
The time of the Visit: 12. – 14.7.2019