Petri with Amélie & Rémi

Petri is a physiotherapist and a nature-lover, who lives with his wife Sini and their dog Ruu in southwest Finland, in a small village called Mathildedal.

They have a strong connection to nature, as their home village is located in the middle of a national park next to the Baltic Sea. Petri enjoys the small, simple things provided by nature, like hiking, biking, skiing and sitting by a campfire, breathing in clean forest air.

Petri’s guests arrive from the capital of France, Paris. Amélie, a civil servant working in the city of Love, will arrive to Mathildedal this June along with her older brother Rémi.

Amelié loves nature and it’s calming effects, but working in a big city doesn’t give her a chance to visit nature properly more than once every two or three months. Having heard that Finland is a heaven for nature lovers, she became eager to participate in Rent a Finn –program. She read about the campaign from a newspaper at 11 pm and got so excited she couldn’t sleep but had to film her application video right away.

Amélie is a big fan of Finnish Author Arto Paasilinna (1942-2018) and she now has a chance to visit the landscapes described in his books in mid-June. She is mostly looking forward to the quiet nature, the people and different activities.

Time of visit: 14.–16.6.2019