Petri is a physiotherapist and nature lover who lives with his wife Sini and their dog Ruu in a small village called Mathildedal in Southwest Finland.

They have a strong connection to nature, as their home village is located in the middle of a national park next to the Baltic Sea. Petri enjoys the small, simple things provided by nature the most, like hiking, biking, skiing and sitting by a campfire, breathing in clean forest air.

The simple things of Mathildedal and its surrounding nature are exactly what Petri wants to share with you as well. He wants you to feel the empowering effect of just wandering around, listening to the silence. You will also visit the beautiful village of Mathildedal and the nearby sea. You can choose to stay in either the main house or their guest house. If the weather is nice, you can even spend the night in a tent.

This host can accommodate 4 people.
The time of the Visit: 14-16.6.2019