Joni & Laura with Angelina & Connor

Laura, Joni and their dog Watti are an active outdoor family who live in Sodankylä, Northern Lapland. They take daily walks in the forest and spend their weekends hiking and bicycling in the summer and skiing in the winter.

This summer they will have exotic company in one of their hikes when a Chinese-English couple has rented them to be their happiness guides. Chinese Angelina and her English boyfriend Connor learned from Rent a Finn -program through social media and applied for a chance to reconnect with nature.

The couple has always enjoyed nature but feel that living in a big city like Guangzhou sometimes takes all of their energy and makes their connection to nature feel weaker and weaker.

They know Finland from Santa Claus and the nations sometimes peculiar Eurovision shows, but this summer they are experiencing firsthand the effects of Finnish nature. The couple is looking forward meeting happy Finnish people, experiencing precious silence of nature and finding the inner peace and calm during their journey.

Time of visit: 16.–18.8.2019