Katja is a social services student and yoga teacher who lives in a very idyllic wooden neighbourhood of Helsinki called Käpylä. She wants to show her guests how to experience nature within the city limits.

You’ll get to know the neighbourhood’s old wooden houses and get a glimpse into its history. You’ll also visit Kivinokka, where Katja and her boyfriend share a summer cottage. It is only a short metro ride away, but it takes you to a whole different world, one where you wake up to the sound of birds and might even witness a family of deer wandering about. The place is by the seaside, and you can enjoy a morning yoga class on the beach or in the forest with your own private instructor, Katja.

Katja’s space is limited, so we will accommodate you at a local hotel.

This host can accommodate 2 people.
The time of the Visit: 28. – 30.6.2019