Hanna is an IT marketing professional who currently studies tourism economics. She is passionate about Finnish nature and sharing its wonders with travellers. She lives in Metropolitan Southern Finland but has spent most of her summers sailing in the Archipelago and winters skiing in Lapland, so she is more than familiar with the many wonders of Finnish nature.

Enjoying the sound of waves and watching beautiful sunsets on some deserted island in the middle of the sea is where she finds her happiness.

Hanna has a special treat for her guests, as she wants to take them for a visit to her grandmother’s house in Ansalahti, next to a small lake called Lahnajärvi. Only a two-hour drive north from Helsinki, her house and way of living give you a glimpse into Finnish history and traditions. Picking blueberries, baking traditional Finnish pastries, heating up the sauna by the lake and trekking in the forest are some of the things in store for you. The main building has a private floor upstairs with accommodation for two adults and an option for two kids as well.

This host can accommodate 2 people.
The time of the Visit: 2-4.8.2019