Esko with Criddle family

Esko is the Mayor of Rovaniemi, the hometown of Santa Claus, located next to the Arctic Circle in Lapland. Esko and his spouse Maria are having exotic guests in their summer cottage this summer when Preston, Marie and their two children Savin and Hobson are visiting Finland for the first time.

The family will travel afar, as they live in San Diego, California, in the west coast of USA. They learned about Rent a Finn –program when it was mentioned in the national news and got excited right away. Preston is a dentist, Marie an artist and their cheery kids Savin & Hobson elementary school students.

The family has a strong connection with nature and try to visit city parks daily. But due to their desert-like environment they don’t have any large forests like Finland does, and are now looking forward to visiting one. Other highlights will be seeing the midnight sun, a sauna and of course, the Santa Claus.

Time of visit: 29.–31.7.2019