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Sasu Laukkonen

Sasu Laukkonen is a Michelin Star chef with his own restaurant in Helsinki. Sasu has a strong love for Finnish nature and all of its gifts; wild herbs, local root vegetables, the authentic flavours of Finnish produce. His way of cooking is quite interesting by traditional standards. This man can make ice cream out of pine bark – not likely something you’ve seen before.

How to prepare yourself for the live session: We will learn how to steak a freshwater fish correctly. Prepare yourself with an iron frying pan, a fish and some good quality butter.

Happy Fresh Fish with spring cabbage and wild herbs


  • Butter, salt
  • Pike perch or some other freshwater fish (white-meated)
  • Spring cabbage
  • Horse raddish
  • Wild herbs: garlic mustard, spruce shoots and wood sorrel
  • Alternatively: rucola and sorrel leaves


  1. Fry the spring cabbage with low temperature for 15-20 minutes on one side.
  2. No need to put any oil or butter, it will caramelize itself when the sugar of the cabbage sweats out.
  3. Preferably use a cast iron pan if you have one. Sprinkle salt and grated horseradish before serving.
  4. Cut off the bone row of the pike perch or ask the fishmonger to do it at the fish market for you.
  5. Heat the pan (preferably use a cast iron pan if you have one) on high temperatures, use a generous amount of butter.
  6. Fry the fish first on one side, you can lower the heat a bit at this point.
  7. Pour the butter (using a spoon) of the pan on top of the fish to spread the heat on both sides.
  8. Before serving, flip the fish for the last ten seconds and sprinkle salt on the fried side. Don’t put salt before the last part or the fish will lose its moisture.
  9. Sprinkle some garlic mustard, spruce shoot and wood sorrel on top of the dish. (Instead of garlic mustard you can use rucola and instead of wood sorrel you can use sorrel leaves).