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Mirja Priha & Molla Mills

Mirja Priha is a Finnish special needs teacher, coffee shop owner and cyclist. She enjoys spending time and exercising outdoors. Cycling is more than a hobby for her, it has become a lifestyle. The thing she loves the most about nature is its constant change – and the Finnish summers. She thinks the best thing to do in a forest is doing nothing. To her, nothingness is bliss.

Molla Mills is a Finnish designer and handicraft teacher known for her modern crochet books. Molla grew up in a family of crafters in the Finnish countryside and discovered the art of DIY already as a child. She is fascinated by vibrant colours and simple crochet techniques that can be mastered by anyone. Molla believes that crocheting is an art form that is as much about self-expression as it is a way of relaxing.

How to prepare yourself for the live session: Find a peaceful space and think about questions what you have always wanted to know about Finns and their mysterious habits. If you would like to try crocheting, you can find instructions for Molla’s crochet work here.