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Antti Etelämäki is a Finnish yachtsman and outdoorsman. Being on water is like breathing for him, and sailing is a key contributor to his wellbeing. This man can read the weather and the sea as well as navigational charts. Antti is also part of an organisation that offers empowering sailing and sea experiences for at-risk youth.

Jukka Joutsiniemi is a Finnish entrepreneur and coach. His passion in life is inspiring and coaching people to reach their fullest potential. It’s one of the main tenets of his company,

“You only have one life to live, so you should look after yourself. “

Beyond work, Jukka is also passionate about the outdoors and prefers to spend his time fly fishing, hiking and hunting with his dog. And when he goes to the woods, he prefers to leave his phone and watch at home.

How to prepare yourself for the live session: You can prepare yourself for this live session by wearing a relaxed outfit and having a big bottle of water close to you.