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Finns live in the happiest country in the world.
Learn from the best.

Finland is the happiest country in the world. The secret is simple: our connection with nature. When others go to therapy, Finns put on a pair of rubber boots and head to the woods. Happiness is there, between the pines and birches. Those pines and birches brought us the #1 spot in the UN’s World Happiness Report 2018.

Now it’s time everyone had a chance to learn from the best. That’s why ordinary Finns are opening their homes and lives and welcoming visitors to learn how to reconnect with nature. Finnish nature with a local guide is the perfect way to find your calm.

That’s what Rent a Finn is all about.


April - May
June - August
Recruiting Finnish happiness guides 30th Jan - 12th Feb 2019
Application period for travellers 18th Mar - 14th Apr 2019
April - May
Selection process
June - August

Starting 18th March 2019
you can book your very own Finn.

The Finns applications have now arrived and we are working on finding the best possible Finns for you. Stay determined and check back in March to book your very own happiness guide.

Soon anyone can apply for a chance to Rent a Finn.


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  1. Basic information

Rent a Finn is a marketing campaign (hereinafter: “Campaign”) arranged by Business Finland Oy – Visit Finland, P.O. Box 358, Porkkalankatu 1, 00180 Helsinki, Finland, business ID 0202317-7 (hereafter: “Visit Finland” or “We”).

  1. Purpose of the Campaign

The purpose of the Campaign is to promote travelling to Finland by selecting eight individual hosts and two deputy hosts who will accommodate and provide Finnish nature experiences for selected visitors during the summer 2019 (hereafter “Hosts” or “You”).

  1. What We expect from the hosts

The selected Hosts are required to accommodate the visitors for two or three nights. During the visit the Hosts are also committed to organize traditional Finnish nature activities for their visitors that may include e.g. fishing, sailing & boating, island life, cottage life, trekking, foraging, bonfire food and/or sauna.

In addition, the selected Hosts are required to

  • have at least mediocre English language skills being comfortable in expressing themselves in English;
  • have sufficient capacity to accommodate the visitors;
  • have sufficient capability to provide selected activities for the visitors; and
  • be at least 20 years of age.
  1. Timeline

The application starts on January 30th and continues until February 12th 2019 at

The final selection of the Hosts will take place by the end of February 2019.

The application period of the visitors is from March 18th 2019 until March 31th 2019.

The visits will be carried out during the summer 2019 (June-August) as agreed separately.

  1. Selection and publication of the Hosts

We will contact the most suitable Hosts personally. As soon as the final selection has been made, We will sign separate agreements with the selected Hosts and (two) deputy hosts.

After signing, the selected Hosts will be filmed for short video presentations that will be published on the Campaign websites, on, on Visit Finland’s social media channels and other marketing channels that will reach potential visitors outside Finland most effectively.

Timetable and location for filming the video presentations will be agreed separately.

  1. Documentation related to the Campaign and publicity

6.1 Application phase

As a part of Your application, You are requested to provide Us a video that contains Your personal information. As a Host applicant You accept the use of videos by Us, by our partners and by any other companies that take part in the planning and execution of the Campaign (together “Partners”), so that the most suitable Hosts for the Campaign can be selected.

6.2 Video Presentation

As provided in the Section 5 above, the selected Hosts will be filmed for video presentations that will be published on the Campaign websites, on, on Visit Finland’s social media channels and other marketing channels also outside Finland. The selected Hosts shall give unlimited rights for Visit Finland and its Partners to copy, reproduce, modify, edit, synchronize, perform, display, publish or otherwise make use (together “Use”) of the video presentations and assign them as seen necessary by Us.

6.3 Visit

The visit, including the activities provided by the Host, will be documented on videos, photographs and written descriptions (together “Documentation Material”) by Visit Finland.

We will Use the Documentation Material in Our own marketing channels such as social media and, and The selected visitors may also provide their own Documentation Material of their visit, and especially of the activities with their Hosts, in their own social media channels, websites and/or other media. The selected Hosts give unlimited rights for Visit Finland, its Partners and visitors to Use the Documentation Material in the above listed marketing channels for the period of five (5) years.

  1. Use of third party material

If You incorporate into any application material (e.g. videos, photos and descriptions), video presentation or Documentation Material materials of any third party, You are responsible for obtaining, at Your own expense, all rights, licenses, consents, and permissions necessary for Us to have the fully paid up, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide and unlimited right to Use the third party materials in connection with the Campaign and consistent with these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Compensation and fees

Selected Hosts will get the compensation of 500 EUR for attending the Campaign.

All fees from the visit will be covered according to a separate agreement based on the activities the Host is committed to provide for his/her visitor(s). No other compensation shall be paid.

The Hosts are responsible for any and all taxes and other payments related to the compensation and other fees. However, tax and other deductions provided by law will be deducted from the compensation by Visit Finland, if any.

  1. Independency of the participants and Hosts and Agreements with the selected Hosts and visitors

We will sign separate agreements with each selected Host and visitor to ensure that the visits will be successful for all the parties.

The participants, the Hosts and visitors are independent parties in relation to Us.  No form of employment relationship shall occur between Us and the participants, Hosts or visitors based on the relationship, these Terms and Conditions or the separate agreement.

  1. Use of personal data

Any personal data of the participants will only be processed in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. More information on the processing of personal data in this Campaign can be found on the privacy notice .

11. Damages and insurance

The selected Hosts bear full risk of any damage or accidents that may be encountered by them during hosting, including when the Hosts organize activities for their visitors.

The Hosts are required to arrange sufficient insurance coverage, (e.g. travel, home, accident and/or health) only for themselves and their carry-along property at their own expense. The visitors are required to arrange sufficient insurance coverage, (e.g. travel, accident and/or health) for themselves and their carry-along property at their own expense.

  1. No assumption of liabilities

You agree that Visit Finland shall not assume, or in any way be liable or responsible for, any liabilities, damages, claims, taxes or obligations the Hosts may encounter or be responsible for by participating in the Campaign.

  1. Indemnification

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Visit Finland harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses and/or expenses, including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees and costs, (all together the “Claims”) arising out of and/or in any way connected with the Campaign to the extend requested by Visit Finland at its sole discretion.

All participants and Hosts release Visit Finland and any and all Partners from all responsibility regarding injury or damage caused or alleged to have been caused by taking part in the Campaign.

  1. Amendments to these terms and conditions

We reserve the right to cancel or amend these terms and conditions without notice. Therefore, these terms and conditions must be followed at all times as long as the Host search is in progress and the separate agreements with all selected Hosts have been signed.

  1. Compliance with these Terms and Conditions, laws and regulations

We reserve the right to make final decisions concerning the Campaign including the compensation and fees.

By taking part in this Campaign You agree to obey these Terms and Conditions and all decisions We may later make in terms of the Campaign.

The participants and Hosts warrant and undertake that they will comply with all laws, rules and regulations regarding their application and Documentation Material and organizing the visits and activities and accommodation and that they hold all relevant certificates and permits necessary if any. We do not accept any form of hate speech, discrimination or violence.

Privacy Statement

Drafted on 28 January 2019

  1. Data controller

Business Finland Oy/Visit Finland (Business ID: 2725690-3)

Visiting address: Porkkalankatu 1, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Switchboard: +358 (0)29 50 55000

  1. Point of contact

Please e-mail:

  1. Name of register

Register for Rent a Finn –Campaign

  1. Purpose of personal data processing and basis for processing
Category of data subjects Data utilised for Basis for processing
Persons participating to Rent a Finn -Campaign - the launch and execution of Rent a Finn -campaign,
- communication with the participants of Rent a Finn -campaign,
- publishing and distributing information on Rent a Finn-campaign,
- fulfilling Visit Finland’s contractual and other promises and obligations,
- taking care of Visit Finland’s relationship with the participants of Rent a Finn -campaign,
- development of Visit Finland’s services, particularly marketing campaigns
Contract data controller’s legitimate interest public interest


Processing tasks may be outsourced to third party service providers in accordance with the data protection legislation and the boundaries imposed by same.

  1. Data content of register

The following personal data may be processed in relation to in Rent a Finn Campaign:

  • basic information of the participants such as name, date of birth, age, nationality, and communication language;
  • contact information of the participants such as email address, phone number, address;
  • information of the participants provided to Visit Finland such a video material attached to the application, references to portfolios, profiles and other sources on the Internet, language skills, other special skills, description of personal features, and information on participant’s activity and accommodation for his/her visitor(s) and any other information participants have provided to Visit Finland in its application, interviews and video presentations.
  • information of the participants provided to Visit Finland during the visit such information of his/her family, friends, home, activities and other information provided by the participant during the visit that will be documented on videos, photographs and written descriptions by Visit Finland.
  • information of the participants of events and possible information regarding the event, such as special diets.
  • information regarding Visit Finland’s relationship with the participants and the contract such as past and current contracts, campaign profile formed based on the participant’s participation in the Rent a Finn -campaign, call recordings, correspondence with the participant and other contacts, cookies and data related to using them.
  1. Personal data retention period

Information shall be erased periodically, at least every 3 years, provided that there is no longer any need to process the event information. Photos and videos provided to Visit Finland during the visit can be stored longer period.

The erasing shall take place by means of deleting the information in its entirety, by rendering the data passive so that the data are no longer processed and access to the data is restricted, by means of encrypting or overwriting.

  1. Regular sources of information

Information shall be collected from the persons themselves.

For the purposes described in this privacy notice, personal data may also be collected and updated from publicly available sources and based on information received from authorities or other third parties within the limits of the applicable laws and regulations. Such updating of data is performed manually or by automated means.

  1. Regular disclosures of information and recipient categories

Information may be disclosed within the framework of the Act on Innovaatiorahoituskeskus Business Finland and Business Finland Oy (1146/2017) to Innovaatiorahoituskeskus Business Finland.

Data may be disclosed to Business Finland’s co-operation partners for non-commercial purposes, for the purpose of arranging visits and events and for sending out various event/visit invitations.

  1. Transfer of data outside of the EU or EEA

Personal data may be transferred outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area in accordance with the data protection legislation and within the boundaries imposed by same. If no decision regarding an adequate level of data protection has been issued in relation to the target country or if the transfer does constitute a transfer to the United States in accordance with the Privacy Shield system, the transfer shall occur by means of employing the standard clauses approved by the European Commission.

The data controller may transfer personal data outside of the EU and the European Economic Area in accordance with the data protection legislation and within the boundaries imposed by same to the employees working in the data controller’s own oversees network, to the data controller’s subsidiaries and subcontractors and to its service providers retained for data processing.

  1. Principles for protecting the register

Manual material

Any material to be retained on paper is stored in locked facilities equipped with access control. The data controller’s personnel have undertaken confidentiality obligations.

Data to be processed electronically

Personnel access to the electronic data content of the register has been protected with personal user IDs and passwords. Utilisation of some of the data content of the register has been restricted to a limited group of users. The environment has been protected with appropriate firewalls and other technical safeguards.

The purpose of the above-mentioned measures is to secure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the personal data to be stored in the register, as well as the implementation of data subjects’ rights.

  1. Automated decision-making

The information in the register shall not be utilised for decision-making entailing legal effects for the person and that is based on automated data processing, such as profiling.

  1. Data subject’s right to object to the processing of personal data

The data subject shall have the right, in connection with their personal specific circumstances, to object to profiling pertaining to themselves and to other processing measures directed by the data controller at the data subject’s personal data to the extent the data processing is based upon the data processor’s legitimate interests.

The data subject may present their claim regarding the objection in accordance with section 15 of this privacy policy. In conjunction with the claim, the data subject must specify the specific circumstances based on which they are objecting to the processing. The data controller may refuse to carry out the request pertaining to the objection on the grounds stipulated for under the legislation.

  1. Data subject’s right to object to direct marketing

The data subject may issue the Data Controller consents or prohibitions pertaining to direct marketing on a channel-specific basis, including profiling taking place for direct marketing purposes.

  1. Other data subject’s rights pertaining to the processing of personal data

Data subject’s right to obtain access to the information (Right of Access)

The data subject shall have the right to inspect which data concerning them has been stored in the register. The inspection request must be submitted in accordance with the instructions set forth in this privacy policy. The right of access may be denied upon grounds stipulated in the law. As a point of departure, exercising one’s right of access in an ordinary manner is free of charge.

Data subject’s right to require the rectification or erasure of data or restriction of processing

To the extent the data subject is able to act for themselves, the data subject shall, without any undue delay, after becoming aware of the error, or, having detected the error themselves, rectify, erase or supplement any piece of information found in the register being contrary to the purpose of the register, erroneous, unnecessary, deficient or outdated.

To the extent, the data subject is not able to rectify the information themselves, the correction request shall be submitted in accordance with section 15 of this privacy policy.

The data subject shall also have the right to require the data controller to restrict the processing of their personal data, for instance in circumstances where the data subject is awaiting the data controller’s response to their request regarding the correction or erasure of their personal data.

Data subject’s right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

The data subject shall have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority, if the data controller has not complied with the applicable data protection regulation in its operations.

  1. Contacts

In all questions concerning the processing of personal data and situations related to the exercise of the data subject’s rights, the data subject should contact the data controller. The data subject may exercise their rights by contacting

  1. Versions

This privacy statement is updated on January 28, 2019.

The data controller follows the developments in legislation and will develop its operations constantly, and consequently, retains the right to update this privacy statement.